Update—UUsed Book Sale

Our third annual UUsed Book Sale is Saturday/Sunday, April 29-30, with set-up April 27-28. This sale gives the Social Action Committee (SAC) money to help Kenyan girls with an education, sponsor Student Peace Awards in Jefferson County, WV, and Frederick, put money up front for bus rental to marches, contribute to speakers selected by the Dismantling Racism Team plus much more.

If you can contribute two or more hours, please sign up Sunday at the table near the SAC cabinet or contact writer@marybk.com / 301-712-6828. We especially need:

  • Help sorting and putting books on appropriate tables 4/27-28, 10am-2pm.
  • Help unload donated books before Sunday services April 16 and 23.
  • Monitor Crew (4/29-30)—Keep book tables orderly.
  • Cashier Crew (4/29-30)—Handle purchase (cash only; paperback $.50, hardbacks $1) of books.
  • Clean-up Crew (4/303-4pm)—Return furniture and tables to storage, sweep.
  • Unsold Books Disposal Crew (4/30, 3-4pm)—Load Patricia Cronin’s truck and unload books at Wonder Books or other location TBD.

To have a UUsed Book Sale, we need your books! Please build a box of books to contribute. Take books to UUCF and put in coatroom. Help available for unloading before services April 16 and April 23.

As I mentioned before Rev. Carl’s Banned Questions of the Bible last evening, Phyllis Liddell and I are co-chairs and right now I am the stronger one to do the job! One look at me and you know I need all the help I can get. Please sign up!

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