Thoughts about Sunday’s lunch with Islamic Society of Frederick

The first (and only) committee meeting to plan our luncheon with the Islamic Society of Frederick included members of the ISF, UUCF, and two Jewish visitors who work for interfaith understanding, a total of 14 men and women. I went into the meeting with some trepidation: Could we work together? Were our thoughts about food and program for this joint meal similar? And lots more….

My concerns were unfounded. The meeting was one of the most constructive and downright fun I have ever chaired. We planned and laughed and realized we had much in common, with a goal of getting to know and support each other over a meal.

Sunday’s 1:30 p.m. luncheon is almost here and, if you’re one of the 75 UUCF or 75 ISF members or guests, we hope, as we do, you look forward to the event. (We wish our church building were larger and could hold everyone who wanted to attend.)

Oh, and an important note: Tom and Marilou Barratt won’t be able to attend but Tom sent this tag, which you can print off to identify ingredients that might concern.


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