Nancy Hutchins sent this press release from the Alternatives to Violence Project. Thanks much, Nancy. Although not a split-plate recipient this coming year, UUCF has supported AVP for many years and Dave and Nancy Hutchins, Emma Lou Comstock, and Mary Fletcher are active volunteers.

Contact: K. Archer Bunner: (317) 362-7222, kabunner07@earlham.edu Irene Webb: (310) 722 […]

SUNDRY FACTS about Gun Violence from Quaker Women

Thanks to Annette Breiling for sending me this variety of facts about gun violence from Quaker Women:

20,000 of the 30,000 gun deaths in the US in 2010 were suicides. Suicide attempts with guns are 85% successful vs. 2% in cases of pills.

The states with the highest suicide rates are all the top gun […]