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Guest post today is thanks to Karen Russell


Don’t Frack Maryland is a coalition of environmental groups with one objective—to pass a ban on hydraulic fracturing in Maryland. On March 2, the coalition is organizing a demonstration in Annapolis. A bus leaves Frederick County at […]

UU UNO Report by Monica Greene

Many thanks to Monica Greene from UUCF and especially the Social Action Committee! Over a number of years Monica has quietly done a competent job in many social justice projects and especially in representing us at spring UU UNO conferences.

At last Sunday’s Friendly Forum Monica said she feels that our contributing to UU UNO […]

A Peek into the UULM-MD Agenda, 2015 Legislative Session

On Saturday, January 17, led by the Rev. Carl Gregg, John Grastorf (thanks, John) drove us to Annapolis for the annual meeting of the UU Legislative Ministry of MD. Our group included, left to right standing, John, Rev. Carl, Phyllis Liddell, Lora Powell-Haney, and Nancy Pace. Monica Greene and I are kneeling.

Because UULM-MD is […]

Social Action Tidbits, August 29, 2014

• Monica Greene Visits Sally Lockhart in Oregon

While visiting family in Oregon City, Monica had lunch with Sally Lockhart, who recently moved to Brownsville, OR. Here they are at a nearby UU church.

• Frederick Health Fair, October 18

Volunteers needed for the Frederick Community Health Fair! Volunteering can be used to boost your […]

Social Action Tidbits, August 15, 2014

• SAC’s Big Book Event

The SAC welcomes our newest liaisons: Susan and Kevin Haney, who will join SAC member Phyllis Liddell as co-chairs of our September Big Book Event. Books can be delivered to UUCF the two weekends before the September 26-28 sale.

• Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP) is August 17th Split-Plate […]

Ice Cream Social and Welcome for Jackson

This week has been been very hectic with showing Maryland and the DC area to Jackson, but I want to take a minute to thank the congregation of UUCF and especially members of the Social & Environmental Justice committee who did such a wonderful job with last Sunday’s Ice Cream Social. I hope I […]

Odds 'n Ends of SEJC News

Lots of social justice news this week.


Happy about the social justice victories in Maryland on November 6? Please join us in signing a note of appreciation to our representatives who voted in favor of The DREAM Act and The Civil Marriage Protection Act of 2012. […]