UULM-MD Annual Meeting: Report from Karen Russell and Nick IntVeldt

As an affiliate of the UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland (UULM-MD), several UUCF members usually take part in its annual meeting, held at the beginning of each year’s legislative session. This year the meeting was January 28 and Karen Russell, Nick IntVeldt, and Monica Greene represented us. Steve Buckingham, as UULM-MD chairperson, presided.


SAC Items of Interest 10/28/16: Palestinian Olive Oil Ministry, Sip’nStitich + I’m sure I’ll come up with some other stuff by Friday

Well, I started this post last week but never got it published. Here’s an updated version! SAC Items of Interest 11/03/16: Palestinian Olive Oil Ministry, Sip’nStitich +Other Stuff

MLK 2017 Dinner: UUCF, through the Frederick Peace & Justice Network, has actively participated in planning the Martin Luther King January dinner. Contact SAC@frederickUU dot org if […]

“Climate Change at Home,” by Karen Russell

Today’s guest post is courtesy of Karen Russell, who is working overtime to carry out her vision of a group that would think broadly and big and act locally to prepare for climate change. I asked if I could post her e-mail, which I feel is a clear, lucid picture of what climate change […]