Potpourri of Thoughts from UUCF Members

From Carol Antoniewicz:

Many of us have been admiring Kenny Wiley’s writing and work as shared in UU World. Please, please , please visit his website www.kennywiley.com. If you identify as Black, I hope you will feel lifted up. If you identify as White, I’m guessing you may squirm a bit but hopefully also feel inspired. I especially recommend “Who are my people?” from Oct 2014. It was referenced on Blacklivesuu.com
We have much work to do together, for ourselves and our suffering world.

From Karen Russell:

From Bill Butler via UUSC, the social action wing of UUA:

The Rohingya are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world and are currently the target of mass atrocities at the hands of the Burmese military. Aid workers, journalists, and independent human rights monitors have been barred from the area. The Burmese government not only steadfastly denies that any rights violations are occurring, but they remain unwilling and unable to effectively investigate these violations. Establishing the truth is a critical first step in ending the violence and holding the perpetrators accountable. It takes less than a minute to add your name. 

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