Neither a goal nor a plan for climate change by Jeff Wilson

Thanks to Karen Russell for alerting me to the following.  Karen is chair who also initiated the Climate Change Working Group

Kudos to UUCF member Jeff Wilson for his 10/10/17 Letter to the Editor in the Frederick News Post:

 Neither a goal nor a plan for climate change

Harvey, Irma, Maria. Death and destruction, unmeasurable economic impact. An island in the Caribbean that is now uninhabitable. Businesses are destroyed, and jobs have vanished. Droughts destroy crops in the South and Southwest. Wildfires destroy houses, homes and dreams. People in New Orleans, Houston, much of Florida, and Puerto Rico are bearing the brunt of these events, while most Americans have not been asked to do anything about the climate change that is making these events worse than they otherwise would have been.

Natural disasters have happened before, and they will continue, but climatologists warned us decades ago that they would become more frequent and more severe. That is exactly what we are seeing today.

Climate-change deniers protest that the long-overdue, necessary adaptations to respond to climate change would hurt the economy and cost jobs. They exaggerate the costs and disregard new kinds of jobs that are being created. I contend that we are seeing worse effects today, and that those costs are randomly and unfairly distributed. An orderly, thoughtful and cooperative approach to the problem would be less costly, under our control, and more equitable.

The rest of the civilized world has demonstrated the courage to face these inconvenient facts and entered into a treaty that allows each country to choose the methods by which they will comply. Those countries are asking all of their citizens to do their fair share. They have a goal and a plan. We have neither.


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