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Hello folks,

This Wednesday, October 18, 7 p.m. at Winchester Hall (12 E. Church St.), the Frederick County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposed Monocacy Scenic River Plan.

The Monocacy River was designated a Scenic River in 1968, along with 8 other rivers in MD, to “protect the natural values of these rivers, enhance their water quality, and fulfill vital conservation purposes by wise use of resources within their surrounding environment.” The 1990 plan has been revised by an all-volunteer River Board and is currently under Planning Commission review. After the Planning Commission reviews the plan, it is forwarded to the County Council for final consideration and a vote to approve. I’d like to invite you to come to the hearing to show support for the plan.

I along with others who hope to protect the river and restore its health are facing organized opposition from some landowners along the river, who feel that their private property rights are threatened, and we expect a large turnout of people who wish to squelch the plan. The Monocacy River is not private property. We all need it to survive and by all, I mean the wildlife and plants that depend on it, as well the population of Frederick County who drink water from it, fish in it, and canoe and kayak down it. 
In order to counter this expected turnout, will you attend the meeting and hopefully speak in support of the plan? A simple statement about supporting the plan would be great! Numbers are what is needed. Cogent arguments supporting the River and calling for Riparian buffers  along it have and will be made. Click here for an editorial I wrote that appeared in the Frederick News Post to give you some background.
I’ve included friends in this email. Please know that I wouldn’t be writing to you if this weren’t important. From a purely health and environmental perspective the plan should be supported. Adding the dimension of the effects of Climate Change speaks to the urgency of implementing useful recommendations.
Thank you,

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