How You Can Help Save the Rhino—It's RhinoCharge time!

RhinoRougeLast year my husband Carl, daughter Hope, and granddaughter Becky plus Silas, our super safari guide, had a wonderful visit with Louise Leakey after the 2012 Rhino Charge. I’m sure hearing about the car suspended and seeing the video were a lot funnier than living it! The event is great fun for a great cause. Please contribute even a few (tax deductible) dollars. Rhinos and elephants are in terrible trouble as the price for their tusks goes up and up and yet China and other countries refuse to help stop the killing.  (Yes, the car and clothes of this all-female team are red, er, rouge.)  

Below is e-mail I just received from Louise Leakey:

To my many friends at home and abroad,

I am sending this letter for those of you who like to keep up with my interests outside of the world of fossils! 

I am taking part in the RhinoCharge event again this year, which will be held on June 1st 2013. We are the same all women team as last year in Car 17. I am hopeful that this year we won’t have to leave the car suspended off two trees on a steep hill at the end of the afternoon! However it seemed the only way to get home safely and we were aware our children and others had been waiting anxiously for us at the bottom for several hours!

If you are willing and happy to support us please donate what ever small amount you can– Thank you!

By taking part in the Rhino Charge off road event, we are able to raise critical support that goes to the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust which has made a tremendous impact by building the fences that prevent further deforestation and habitat loss in several of mountain forests here in Kenya. These forests provide a critical watershed for millions of people as well as providing refuge for elephant, rhino, primates and other species that are increasingly threatened by human population. We are currently witness to the highest elephant and rhino poaching levels on record as well as devastation of smaller mammals through snaring and bushmeat. Unless these areas are fenced and protected they shall not be here for future generations. It is an important cause and we believe our team effort with your generous support is a major contribution to the long-term survival of these areas. Last year, with the support of our friends and family, our team raised $33,000 dollars towards this cause, and the Rhino Charge event last year (through 60 teams) raised just over $1 million dollars in total. As a result the fencing has begun in Mount Kenya as well as Mount Eburu in the Mau. 

The team would hugely appreciate your support (again) this year, however small an amount you can afford.  If you agree to help us with this cause , here is a link to where you can donate safely online. For your donation (which is tax deductible) we will add you to our list of supporters on our web page and we promise to make a small video to share with you and to send you each a personal account of our journey! We will also send you soon a link where you can follow our track LIVE on the day. You can see us in action last year in a few video clips on our YouTube channel and there’s more about the team and our car on our website. 

One other thing that might be of interest, this year we also have three stunning art pieces that we have on a silent auction. There are details of this auction and the artwork and photographic pieces here.


With a BIG THANK YOU and I look forward to being in touch again very soon.



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