Food for Puerto Rico from UUCF

I seldom put the same info. on this blog and on our Facebook page, but I think this is worthy of a double-post. Groceries bought with SAC funds were delivered to the collection location in Frederick this morning and will be flown to Puerto Rico on Saturday. We hope by then the local officials will have been able to organize distribution of food, water, fuel, etc. Our $477 purchased 80 lbs of rice, 12 gallons of canned tomatoes, 8 quarts of peanut butter, about 90 lbs of canned tuna, chicken, and ham, 6 gallons of boullion, and 6 gallons of canned beans. Unity volunteers asked that we thank UUCF. And SAC thanks UUCF members and friends for supporting our fundraising so we carry out efforts like this!


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