Climate First! March

CLIMATE FIRST! Peaceful Direct Action at Wells Fargo Bank in Frederick

Wells Fargo Bank branch, 7860 Wormans Mill Rd. Saturday, September 23, 2017, 10:30am-12 noon
Gather at Wegman’s Market Cafe (at or near Fireside Room) at 10am.

Questions: Call Monica (240) 344-0574

Other actions you can take: 

Contact the CEO: Timothy J Sloan, CEO & President, Wells Fargo

Sample script: “I respectfully ask that Wells Fargo end its financial involvement with TransCanada, the company that is building the Keystone XL pipeline.  I opposite pipeline because the project will likely have grave repercussions for the world’s climate.  In taking such a principled stand against the KXL pipeline, Wells Fargo would be heralded as an environmental leader in the banking world and beyond.”

  • Telephone number: 866-878-5865.
  • Email: Be sure to “cc” the email to
  • USPS address:  Wells Fargo & Company, 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94104. Be sure to “cc” the letter to
  • Facebook:

Join Climate First! at to fight global warming



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