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Guest post today is thanks to Karen Russell


Don’t Frack Maryland is a coalition of environmental groups with one objective—to pass a ban on hydraulic fracturing in Maryland. On March 2, the coalition is organizing a demonstration in Annapolis. A bus leaves Frederick County at 9:00 a.m. from the Frederick Park & Ride at New Design Rd. (I-70 exit 54) and returns to the same location at 5 p.m. Tickets are $10. To sign-up visit Don’t Frack MD. Questions? Contact Thomas Meyer at tmeyer@fwwatch.org. As of this writing, UUCF members Bob and Jane Ladner, Monica Greene and Karen Russell are known to be going.

Further background information:

The House (HS1325) and Senate (SB0740) bills to ban fracking are scheduled for hearings at the end of February. However, Senate bill (SB0862) aimed at resisting the effort to ban fracking permanently, has been introduced by Senator Joan Carter Conway, chair of the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs committee. With this bill, Senator Conway hopes to delay the decision to ban fracking for two years, until October 1, 2019. Frederick Senators Ron Young and Michael Hough are among the co-sponsors of this bill. Further information can be found in a blog post by Thomas Meyer on the Envision Frederick website: http://envisionfrederickcounty.org/good-news-bad-news-and-an-opportunity-for-action/

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